Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic & Hospital is committed to high quality pet care since 1985. We offer general medical and surgical services with advanced diagnostic facilities. Also, we are one of the few clinics in Hong Kong that provide both CT Scan and MRI services for animals. Our team are equipped to provide detail nursing care for hospitalize pets. HVVC is one of the few Cat Friendly Practices in Hong Kong.
跑馬地獸醫診所及醫院成立於1985年,致力為患病寵物們提供完善及細心的護理。 我們提供留院服務並擁有相應的治療設施,亦是小數備有CT電腦掃描及MRI磁力共振等大型醫療儀器的診所及醫院。 本診所亦獲得美國貓獸醫從業員認可成為"友善貓診所"。